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TFR Jr. visualizes 10!

                                         Visualizing 10!

Hi, I am Roman (or “Mr. TFR”).  Glad to have you here! 

I am a 45+ corporate senior manager working in a consumer products company, who values financial independence.   I have a family (including my elderly mother) to support but that’s not why I need my job, it is because I am doing (so far) interesting things in my job.  Despite some serious personal challenges in my life, I am moving ahead while trying to live a balanced life in this crazy world.  All my college education (Ph.D. in engineering and MBA) were gratefully paid for by stipends and grants so I graduated not only debt-free but with $10,000 of savings.  Don’t let that fool you, I have made my share of financial and life mistakes and hopefully, will not repeat them. 

Ten Factorial Rocks (TFR) was created to chronicle my journey towards financial independence retirement while sharing my views on the learning’s, absurdities and pitfalls along the way towards my search for a more meaningful life. Wall Street finance and stock option riches have one thing in common – they never passed through my life!

Over the course of my career spanning many continents, increasing job titles and responsibilities, and growing financial portfolio and personal net worth, I have had the most happiness in helping people realize a better future for themselves with specific and tailor-made solutions.  Many are still in touch with me from across the world on how my suggestions and specific actions have improved their financial, career and life paths.  I have also helped people looking to retire outside U.S. on how to do it seamlessly as I have uprooted my family and moved to new horizons many times, that too for years outside U.S. during my career.   If you are serious about improving your earnings and financial profile (aka net worth!), start here.

TFR is not just about financial independence.  TFR is also about self-empowerment while getting to financial independence, and our search for a better, meaningful life (of which early retirement is just one milestone).  We aim to educate, entertain, share life stories and analyze the oddities of the world around us.   TFR – why the strange name?

Thank you for being part of this journey.   If you like what you read here, please share, spread the word, and help others benefit from the content here.  Together, we can help a million people make better financial/life/career decisions and help in their quest for a more meaningful life.   THANK YOU!

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    • By TFR

      Thanks Mitch! I am happy that my website was an inspiration for you. I will spend more time on your website, but from a quick look I see you are doing quite well on the passive income front! Best wishes in your blogging journey.
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