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Should You Take Equity in Exchange of Salary?

Should you take equity in exchange of salary? Equity payments are common with many start-up companies and some mature companies. They allow younger companies who may be lacking in cash to save on salary by offering their employees alternative means of compensation. Larger corporations may also use this strategy to attract and retain talent. Think […]

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Is Dollar Cost Averaging still the investing strategy to beat?

Is Dollar Cost Averaging the Investing Strategy to Beat?

Surely you have seen several methods to invest money in the markets from lump sum investing to attempting to time the market by “buying the dips.” So, is dollar cost averaging the investing strategy to beat? Let’s have a look. Dollar Cost Averaging Defined Dollar Cost Averaging is an investment strategy is a systematic practice […]

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restoring furniture

Restoring Furniture Can Save You Money

Restoring furniture can be a fun project and can save you a lot of money. If you’ve ever shopped for new furniture, then you may have experienced some sticker shock. Even lower-quality pieces can be very expensive. Finding older furniture and restoring it is a budget-friendly option to furnishing your space. New Furniture Cost Of […]

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