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What stocks should you invest in during a recession?

What Stocks Should You Invest in During a Recession?

What stocks should you invest in during a recession? A recession can be a challenging time for an investor, and the market is often beaten down. There can be opportunities, however. If you know where to look and know what typically does well during recessionary times you can protect your investments and even make gains. […]

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Stocks Under 10 Dollars

5 Dividend Paying Stocks Under $10

Here are 5 dividend-paying stocks under $10. Dividend-paying stocks can offer steady cash flow and price appreciation. If you are looking to add some income to you portfolio, then you may want to consider researching the following securities. Generation Income Properties Inc. (GIPR) The first security on our list is a REIT based in Florida. […]

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Dividend Kings

Understanding the Power of Dividend Kings

Dividend Kings can offer stability and a steady predictable source of income in volatile markets. These stocks are some of the most sought-after by income-seeking investors. What are Dividend Kings? Dividend Kings are companies who have increased their dividend payout for at least 50 consecutive years. These tend to be mature companies and can offer […]

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